10 Important Chromebook Tips for Teachers

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Chromebooks are making huge inroads in the world of education and are becoming essential learning tools in several classrooms, at least here in the north American sphere. If you are new to Chromebook, or are planning to integrate these versatile devices in your instruction, the tips below will definitely help you understand what Chromebooks are, what  you can and can not do with them and how to make the best of them in your teaching. The visual features answers to 10 important questions related to the basic features and  functionalities of Chromebooks. To access more details about each of these questions and learn more about other advanced functionalites of Chromebook, check out this resource from Google that we have drawn upon in the creation of this visual.

10 Important Things You Should Know about Your  Chromebook

1- What’s the difference between Chromebooks and other computers, like Windows or Mac OS?
Chromebooks use a specific operating system called Chrome OS that is lightweight and is supposed to help you perform tasks much quicker.

2- Do Chromebooks work offline?
Yes.There are a wide vareity of apps that you can use offline on your Chromebook. Some examples include: Offline Gmail, Google Keep, Google Calendar, Google Drive apps (Docs, Sheets, and Slides) and many more.

3- Does Microsoft Office work on a Chromebook?
Yes it does. You can use Chromebook to access, edit, view and work on your Microsoft Office files.

4- Does iTunes work on a Chromebook?
No it doesn’t but you can use iTunes to add music to your Google Play Music library.

5- How do I store and organize photos?
The best option for you is Google Photos, where you can safely save and organize your photos for free.

6- Do I need to store files online or on Chromebook?
It depends on which option you want to choose: You can store photos on your Chromebook or you can store them in a cloud-based file storage platform such as Google Drive. The latter option allows you to access your stored files across different devices.

7- Do Chromebooks have CD or DVD drives?
‘Chromebooks don’t have a CD or DVD drive, but you can play saved music and movie files in any of the compatible file types with the media player. You can also play files from a USB drive or SD card.’

8- Can I print with a Chromebook?
‘Yes, you can. To print with a Chromebook, set up your printer or set up Google Cloud Print.’

9- What kinds of accessories can I use with a Chromebook?
‘Mac or Windows USB drives, computer mice, keyboards, and external storage devices work well with Chromebooks.’

10- Where can I find apps to install on my Chromebook?
You can use Google Play Store or the Chrome Web Store to search for and find apps to install on your Chromebook.