Two Easy Ways to Search Attached Files in Your Emails

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If you are like me and have tons of attachments buried within your Gmail emails then you will definitely find the tips below helpful. These are two good and easy ways to assist you quickly search for and locate different types of attachments embedded in your Gmail emails. The first tip is a built-in feature in Gmail and the second one is a Chrome extension:

1- Gmail advanced search
As you know Gmail advanced search settings allows you to conduct highly targeted email searches. You can search for emails that contain specific words, from/to specific individuals, sent within a given period of time and many more. You can also use Gmail advanced search settings to search for emails that include attachments. Here is how to access this feature: once in your Gmail account, click on the drop-down menu in Gmail search bar:

Check the box which says ‘Has attachment’ then click on search button. You can refine your search by typing specific info in the other boxes as well.

2- Dittach
This is an excellent Chrome extension which allows you to easily search for and manage your Gmail attachments. This is way better than the Gmail built-in search feature. Some of the things you can do with this extension include ‘Search or browse every attachment you’ve ever sent or received, search directly from the Gmail search bar, share, forward and print attachments directly, delete attachments without having to delete the original email.’ Watch the video below to learn more about Dittach.

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