Have You Tried out These EdTech Tools?

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In keeping with our goal of introducing teachers and educators to the state-of-art educational technology tools and platforms, here is a list of some notable websites we culled out from the piles of emails we receive each week. Most of the tools in this collection are geared towards helping you be creative in presenting your digital data. This include creating animated presentations, interactive slideshows, video explainers, infographic video makers, 3D modelling and many more. We invite you to try them out and share with us your feedback in our Facebook page.

1- Render Forest

‘Amaze your audience and create a fascinating video with the help of our super functional Explainer Video Toolkit. More than 400 interactive scenes, including characters, various items, kinetic typography, video and photo holders and more. It's the largest directory of astonishing animations from various fields, breathtaking music library and up to 30 minutes successful project initiative.’

2- Animaker

A tool to create beautiful animated video presentations.’with 6 video styles that can be worked in collaboration, you can now create 720 different types of animated videos’. Other tools it offers include an infographic video maker, whiteboard video maker, vertical video maker, and an explainer video software.

3- Match Cracker

It offers a wide variety of resources to help students with their math homework. These include tutorials, online solvers, calculators, lessons and many more.

3- Vectary

‘Create 3D models right in your browser and have everything saved in the cloud. Accessible from anywhere.Export your models to standard 3D files, print them or continue your work in a compatible software. Importing 3D files is also as easy as drag and drop.’

4- EZShapes

‘EZShapes quickly empowers you to create any shapefile to effectively represent your data. A simple web interface provides all you need to create the custom shapes that will male your data come alive.’

5- Buncee

‘A creation and presentation tool with unlimited possibilities for bringing learning to life. Transforming people of all ages into creators, storytellers, and future-ready digital citizens.’
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