Google Sheets Tips and Tricks for Teachers and Educators

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Google Sheets is definitely one of the must have tools in your digital teaching toolkit. Google Sheets allows you to create, edit, share and collaborate on a wide variety of spreadsheets and forms. It provides  professionally designed templates that helps you visualize your data  and enhance your workflow. You can also use it to convert Microsoft Excel files to Sheets or vice versa. Its collaborative features are ideal for collaborative project work. You and your colleagues  can work on the same spreadsheet in real-time. You can also chat and comment on each others edits and everything is automatically saved so you access revision history anytime you want. In today’s post we are drawing your attention to some of the important Google Sheets tips which we think every teacher should know about. These are basically how to: add line breaks in cells, wrap text, apply a custom date or time format to a spreadsheet, protect a sheet or a range, freeze or unfreeze rows or columns, use a formula, add a chart or graph to a spreadsheet, set notifications, and finally how to change the language for functions. This visual is available in PDF format from this page.
  10 Basic Google Sheets Tips Every Teacher Should Know about
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