Check out These Apps- They Are Free Today

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After a long break, we are back to you with another Apps Gone Free post featuring what we think are some useful iPad apps to help you in your instruction. The apps we selected for you today offers the following features: improve learners reading skills through specifically designed reading exercises, remotely control your Mac through your iPhone or iPad, stay updated about the latest world news with Funnel, develop your pitch training, enhance your vocabulary and improve spelling through word games and puzzles.

Check out These Apps- They Are Free Today

1- 6th Grade Reading
‘6th Grade Reading Comprehension Prep was designed for the classroom, as well as the student and family looking for an advantage in solidifying their reading and understanding skills:
- Perfect for classroom use!
- Study anywhere and learn at your own pace
- Specifically appropriate content chosen at the 6th grade level
- Read through a range of different stories and test your comprehension with a variety of questions about the selected passages
- This collection of original stories was written specifically for this app
- Each passage and question set takes approximately 7-10 minutes to complete
- Mix of fiction and non-fiction selections
- Works well in classrooms for independent study time
- Email student results and track their progress
- Increase your reading comprehension and your scores!’

2- Remote Mouse for Mac
‘Turn you iPhone or iPad into a wireless remote control for your Mac. Enjoy full control of your Mac while giving presentations, watching movies, listening your favourite music and many more! Super fast, super easy, right from your mobile device!’

3- Funnel
‘Hourly news podcasts from outlets like BBC, NPR, WSJ, CBC, VOA, Fox 5 and more.  Funnel gives you a clear account of what's going on in the world from a multitude of sources. Just pick your favorite and listen from anywhere. Control the sources in your feed and set up AutoPlay, Autostart and Reminders for a custom experience.’

4- Tone- Perfect Pitch Training
‘Tone is a fun and simple game to help you improve your ears and sing with perfect pitch.
- Simple, intuitive interface
- Choose your pitches and octaves
- Difficulties ranging from easy to expert
- Practice mode with reference pitch
- Transpose the notes to different keys
- Tone generator to hear pitches for practice
- View note names, piano keys, or use solfege
- Share your score and compete with friends!’

5- Tiny Words Spelling Game
‘Your child will have great FUN while developing and enhancing early reading, spelling and word recognition skills. Tiny Words will help your child to recognize the most common reading words on sight. It is important for young beginning readers to be able to instantly recognize sight words in order to be proficient and fluent readers. Developing an instant recogni’

6- Wordimals- Word Search
‘Wordimals is the fast paced word game that lets YOU choose the category and difficulty. Hundreds of puzzles await you! From a professionally designed single player campaign to a diverse offering of community creations, Wordimals will keep you immersed for hours.’

Source: Apps Gone Free