All You Need to Incorporate Google Earth in Your Math, Science, Social Studies and ELA Classes

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Since the release of its web-based version, Google Earth has been tremendously incorporated into educational contexts by teachers from all around the world. Google Earth empowers students with the required tools to navigate the planet, enhance their geographical literacy, develop both critical thinking and visualization skills,  and most importantly it helps them become engaged citizens aware of their  planet and actively contributing to its well being. In today’s post, we are sharing with you this wonderful collection of resources to help you and your students make the best of Google Earth in education. These include ‘step-by-step guides and tutorials on Google’s Geo Tools, inspirational stories, plus lesson plans, product information, and much more.’

Among the tools you will get to learn about are Google Earth Engine, My Maps, Street View, Tour Builder, Geo VR, and Google Earth. You will also have access to a wide variety of classroom activities where you will get to learn how to use these tools to , for instance, create a warm-up activity for your social studies class, incorporate Google Earth into your English Language Art lessons, design short geography and math exercises, and many more. There are also several ready-made less plans to to use in your own class. To easily access the resources provided by Google Earth, you can use the search filters to locate specific materials. You can filter your searches by Tools or Categories. You may want to spend sometime going through the resources provided there and see which ones work best for your teaching context.