8 Good iPad Apps Free Today

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Back to you with another collection of iPad apps that are free today and only for a limited period of time. Our favourite pick from this list is TextEdit, an excellent application similar to TextEdit you already have on your OS-operated devices. Other apps featured here include: a video app for creating beautiful video clips,  two math learning apps,  a sketching app, and an app for learning vocabulary.  Check them out and share with your colleagues.

8 Good iPad Apps Free Today
‘TextEdit+ is an sleek and fast text editor for your iPad and iPhone. It's compatible with the text editors that comes as a part of macOS (TextEdit) and MS Windows (WordPad). It also supports any RTF editor like Nisus Writer.’

2- 3rd Grade Math Practice
‘3rd Grade Math Testing will give your student an advantage in solidifying their math skills. Hundreds of math questions on a challenging 3rd grade level will prepare them for the big test.’

3- Videomator
This is an interesting video app that will enable you to ‘record video with different color presets (317). Videos will be saved in your photo stream.’

4- Multiplication Flash Cards Games Fun Math Problems 
‘Building math skills and learning to multiply has never been more fun and intuitive! With "Show Me" and "Peek" features, play comes easy even for young learners. This app adheres to Common Core Standards for third grade math and was designed by parents and teachers.’

5- Montessorium: Intro to Math
‘Learn to read, write and understand numbers from zero to nine, through a series of interactive, guided and challenging activities. Intro to Math was featured in the iPad 2 Commercial and Apple's Best Apps of the Year! Based on the proven methodology of Montessori.’

6- The Wiki Game
‘This stunning app has 200 levels handcrafted for hours of fun, enjoyment and mental challenges! Built as an addictive single-player version of the popular web game TheWikiGame.com, it packs all the fun into a pocket sized version to take anywhere. ’

7- Vocabulary- learn New Words
‘Why expand your knowledge and use of words? You'll be able to communicate (speak and write) more clearly and concisely, people will understand you more easily, and you will increase the perception (and reality) that you are an intelligent person. Besides, learning new words is a fun activity -- and one you can even do with the people around you.’

8- LetSketch
LetSketch is an interesting iPad app that provides the following features: a wide vareity of colours, different sketching styles, photo insertion, opacity and zooming options, save final products to photo album and many more.
Source: Apps Gone Free