5 New Google Classroom Features Teachers Should Know about

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Google Classroom has recently introduced a number of interesting features and improvements to its overall functionality calling the update one of its  'biggest redesign’ since its launch. Here is a quick overview of the newly added features. You can also check this page for more details on each of these new features.

1- New Classwork page
Google Classroom introduced a new  Classwork page to overcome the problem of class Stream being overcrowded. A single class Stream makes it hard for teachers and students to find content and feedback they have shared especially when there is a lot of content published on the same Stream. With Classwork page, teachers are able to organize content (i.e., assignments and questions) into modules and units. In this way, “ the Stream can be a better hub of class discussion and activity.  It’s conveniently organized in a separate page to reduce clutter, so that students can have discussions in the Stream to develop their online communication skills within their classroom community“.

New Google Classroom features
2- A new tool to encourage thoughtful engagement and facilitate grading
A new tool has been introduced into Classroom grading system to facilitate grading and enhance learning engagement. “Instructors now have a comment bank, so they can easily save and reuse commonly used feedback. They can also quickly toggle between student files and submissions when grading, without having to open each file individually. The new grading tool works with Docs Editors, Office files, PDFs, videos files, and more.“

3- Copy and reuse classwork
This new feature allows teachers to copy existing assignments and topics and re-use them in another class. Anything copied remains as a draft so teachers can customize it the way they want.

4- Improved People and Settings pages
Classroom now has a unique page where teachers can access the settings of all classes and through it they can modify class descriptions, control what and how students use Stream, show or change class codes and many more. Using the People page, teachers will be able to view co-teachers, students and guardians.

5- Turn off notifications for class
As its name indicates, this new feature allows teachers to disable all notifications from a specific class.