Some Very Good Drawing Tools for Students

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Here is a collection of some helpful web tools students can use to unleash their creativity through drawing, painting and sketching. These are applications that are all easy and simple to use and provide a number of interesting features all for free.  Students will get to experiment with different shapes, colors, backgrounds, and images and when they finish creating their drawing they can share it online or save it in various formats.  Have a look and share with us your feedback in our Facebook page.

6 Good Drawing Tools for Your Students

1- Auto Draw
AutoDraw is a recently released web tool by Google. AutoDraw offers almost everything a drawing editor can offer: it has a nice wide canvas to draw on. Use the Draw tool to draw anything you want, then add colours from color picker. You can also add text using the Type tool and/or make different shapes by the Shape tool. You can move, rotate and resize objects as you like and when you are done you can download your work in PNG format and share it with others.

2- Muro Deviantart
Muro provides you with a drawing canvas where you can create and share beautiful drawings. While Muro is free to use, you need  to register in order to save and share your final product.

3- Editor Method
Edito Method is another good web based application that allows you to draw and sketch using a wide variety of tools. You can include text, imported  images, colors, and various shapes, and when your drawing is ready you can save or export it as PNG file.

4- DrawIsland
With Drawisland you can both draw and paint and when you are done you can save your drawing as image to your computer. Drawisland does not require a registration.

This is a simple tool that lets you draw ‘anything you like and share it instantly via email, instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook and more!’

6- Google Drawings
Google Drawings is another excellent tool for creating and sharing your drawings. You can also use it to design educational posters to use in your instruction, check out this post to learn more.
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