Plagiarism Check Is Now Integrated with Google Classroom

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Google Classroom is a commonly used way to organize classes and submissions, since it is an easy and effective tool to manage educational process. There are a few useful apps to help enhance experience with Google Classroom, and PlagiarismCheck is one of them. has developed an integration with Google Classroom that shares the main idea - technology should make educator’s life easier.

Plagiarismcheck and Google Classroom

Features that similarity detector provides:

1- Simple integration
  • Teachers can access all student submissions in their account 
  • Select files they wish to check within their class 
  • Receive a complete and interactive report 
2- Advanced technology
  • Word for word match 
  • Word rearrangements 
  • Word substitutions (similarities) 
3- Intuitive user interface
  • Clear design 
  • Essential functions and no overload with useless features 
  • Minimum time for onboarding

Google Classroom + = technology that helps to make quality education.

This is a sponsored post by Plagiarismcheck.