For Physics Teachers: Apps to Use with Your Students In Class

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Here is a collection of some good educational iPad apps to help you with the teaching/learning of physics. This collection is specifically curated for high school students and teachers and is based on iTunes list of high school apps. You may want to go through it and see which ones work for you. If you have other suggestions to add to the list please share with us in our Facebook page. Links to the apps are under the visual.

12 Excellent Chemistry Apps for High School Students
1- Coaster Physics
‘What are the laws of Physics governing the motion of a roller coaster? How are speed and acceleration related? How does the g-force change at different points along the track? Design and ride your very own realistic roller coaster, and see how quantities like speed, acceleration, energy and g-force change as you ride along the track.’

2- iCricuit
‘iCircuit is the premier iPad and iPhone app for designing and experimenting with circuits. Its advanced simulation engine can handle both analog and digital circuits and features realtime always-on analysis. It is the perfect companion to students, hobbyists, and engineers.’

3- VideoScience
‘A growing library of over 80 hands-on Science lessons that are great for home and the classroom. These short videos demonstrate inexpensive and easy to recreate experiments that are designed to inspire and excite kids of all ages.’

4- Mechanics no longer working
‘More than 2 dozen interactive examples, many animations and down to earth, easy to understand explanations of both the physical laws as well as the mathematics behind them give you everything you need to wrap your head around mechanics.’

5- Circuit Playground
‘Circuit Playground simplifies electronics reference & calculation so you can have more fun hacking, making, & building your projects.’

6- Gravity App
‘G allows you to quickly experiment the effects of the Universal Gravitation by adding bodies into a simulation, seeing how they react to each other in real time, all in a true multitouch environment. G offers a vast universe to add your bodies into, potentially allowing you to create stable planetary systems, binary star systems, and other multiple-body complex systems.’

7- BridgeBasher
‘Design a bridge and then destroy it. Powered by a sophisticated physics engine, BridgeBasher realistically simulates your bridge reacting to destructive forces in real-time.’

8- SimplePhysics
‘SimplePhysics lets you design complex structures for everything from tree houses to ferris wheels and then simulates your design with a sophisticated physics engine.’

9- jEMLab
‘This application contains a number of virtual laboratories (or labs) designed to complement topics covered in engineering electromagnetics courses. The labs are designed to actively involve students and to provide visual feedback of basic concepts.’

10- SpeedClock
‘A unique, advanced app designed to easily measure the speed of cars, boats, skaters, skiers, cyclists, animals, models, footballs, tennis serves, etc. The system is based on motion detection, enabling you to track a moving object using a hand-held device alone. SpeedClock includes three separate speed measurement tools and two distance estimation tools.’

11- Building Parallel Circuits
‘Using 3D graphics and 2D electronic symbols, you will build simple parallel circuits by using wires, batteries, switches, and light bulbs. By constructing their own closed circuit with two light bulbs, you will develop a deeper understanding of series and parallel circuits and discover that electricity follows the path of least resistance.’

12- Electrons
‘Electrons is a charged particle simulator for iPad. It allows you to create dozens of positively or negatively charged particles, either freely roaming in space, or contained within conducting bodies. You can observe complex particle interactions and resulting electric forces, create capacitors, simulate a lightning rod, a cathode ray tube (CRT) and much, much more.’
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