6 Good Educational Apps Free Today

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This week's Apps Gone Free series features 6 good iPad apps to try out in your instruction. Among the featured apps is the popular Stickyboard app which you can use to capture your thoughts and visually organize your notes in various coloured boards. There is also Alive Movie Maker to use to create, edit and share videos. For history teachers, Who Was? Advaneture is particularly useful to use with students to help them learn more about different historical figures in a fun an engaging way.  We invite you to check out the whole list and share with us your feedback.

6 Good Educational Apps Free Today
1- Stickyboard 2
A very good digital sticky board that allows you to easily record and organize your notes and information. Some of its features include the ability to manage multiple boards and easily switch between them; undo/redo works with notes and ink; whole boards can be easily emailed as PDF files, or opt to just send the text contents instead…and many more.

2- ALIVE Movie Maker for iMovie
‘ALIVE is the best way to create beautiful videos. Transform everyday moments into unique works of art with this amazing video editing app…The editing tools are intuitive and fast; all you need to do is tap and drag to cut, trim, re-order, and even adjust the speed of your videos. With a powerful set of tools, you can even add realistic filters and visual effects, motion track your vfx, and add custom, copyright-free music. Enrich your memories, tell stories and impress your fans.’

3- LetSketch 
An easy and simple app for creating beautiful sketches. Some of its features include: graphite pencils and charcoal pencils to use for drawing and sketching, different colours to choose from, the ability to insert photo references directly on app, zoom and erasing features and many more.

4- Who Was? Adventure
An excellent game to help students learn about historical figures. It features 100 levels of adventure mode with over 5000 questions to test players knowledge. The Arcade mode allows players to compete with their friends and peers. Gameplat is accentuated with music and sound effects.

5- Rabbit - Habit Reminders
‘Rabbit is a simple app that can remind you to stretch, take breaks, or check your posture. It can also nudge you to eat a snack or think positive thoughts. Rabbit will send notifications that say whatever you want, whenever you want, multiple times a day. Rabbit makes it easy to keep good habits and break bad ones.’

6- Brushstroke
‘Brushstroke transforms your album photos and snaps into beautiful paintings in one touch. Edit, sign, and share your work on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook…’

Source: Apps Gone Free