Music Teachers- BBC Sound Effects Database Is Now Available for Free Download

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Here is a great resource we just discovered through Music Radar and The Whiteboard Blog. This may be of interest especially to music teachers. BBC is now providing free public access to its Sound Effects database which includes over 16.000 samples. These sound effects are licensed under RemArc License which, among other other things, allow you to use them for personal, educational and research purposes. You need however to read the whole terms of use before you start using them in your instruction.

BBC Sound Effesct are availabe for download in WAV format.  You can use the search tool in their website to search for specific sound effects. Once you find the ones you are interested in click on the ‘download’ button to the right , agree to the terms of use, and save the sound file to your computer. Another good music resource for  teachers is Music Radar. It  ‘also offers its own library of free samples in the form of SampleRadar, and that this content can be in commercial recordings royalty-free.’