Codesters- Learn Coding Through Games and Animations

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Codesters is another excellent website  I am adding to our collection of coding resources. Codesters provides students with an easy and simple editor where they can engage in creative coding projects using Python. 

Using Codester's drag-to-text toolkit, students will be able to drag snippets of Python codes right into their programs and see them translated into text allowing them to learn the syntax of coding in a natural way.

Alternatively, students can type their own codes  and when they are done they simply click on ‘Run’ to see their program in action. Some of the interactive projects students can create using Codesters include games, simulations, animations, graphical images, and many more.


Codesters is also ideal for teachers. It provides them with a learning management system where they can host their classes and monitor students progress. ‘Students' work is automatically graded and their progress is displayed on the dashboard, where teachers can drill down to run students' code or see projects on the class page.’

As a teacher, you can see students individual coding projects, check on their progress and see where they are having difficulties with their learning activities. Codesters also offers a unique project-based curriculum that includes a wide variety of tasks and lessons.

‘Each lesson is divided into three phases: 1. Build 2. Modify 3.Create. Students first build a project following step-by-step instructions then they are asked to modify their projects to demonstrate that they understand how the code works. Finally, they are given a blank canvas and a prompt to create their own project. 

Watch the video below to learn more about Codesters