Gmail Cheat Sheet for Teachers

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This is a quick post to share with you this handy cheat sheet to help you make the best of your Gmail experience. This document is created and share by G Suite Learning Center and covers mostly the basic  features of Gmail. For more advanced  tips and features you may want to check this page instead. This cheat sheet is also available for free download from this page. You can probably print and share it with your students in class and do group activities in which students get to experiment and explore the different features contained in the document.

 Gmail Cheat Sheet will help you become more productive and efficient in the way you use your Gmail. You will get to learn how to easily create and send emails, reply to threaded conversations, and how to organize your inbox more effectively. More specifically, you will learn about the functions of each of the tools in your inbox; how to open emails in new windows; how to forward, archive, and see previous responses; how to label your emails, change your Gmail settings, open and see your calendar, notes, or lists and many more. You can always check Gmail Help Centre for more tips, features and guidelines on how to effectively use Gmail in your teaching, learning, and professional development.