A New Task Management App from Google

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Google has finally released a task-mamanegement app for iOS and Android. Google Tasks is now availabe for free download in both iTunes App Store and in Google Play App Store. The app is supposed to be a powerful alternative to the established task apps out there. You can use Google Task to create, edit, and manage your tasks and to-do lists on the go. The app is also integrated with Gmail and Google Calendar allowing you to sync and access your tasks across different platforms and devices.

You can create tasks on your Gmail or Calendar and manage them on your mobile device. The app provides you with a number of organizational features to arrange your tasks (e.g., create sub-tasks, add or delete details, organize tasks by date, prioritize tasks by drag-and drop etc) the way you want. You can create due dates for your tasks and opt to recieve notification reminders to stay on track with what needs your attention. With its seamless integration with Gmail, you will be able to not only create tasks directly in your Gmail using the right hand side panel, but also track your created tasks and trace tasks back to their source email.

You may want to give Google Task a try and share with us your feedback.