A Handy Chart Featuring over 15 Great Apps to Enhance Students Writing

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The chart below is based on the infographic we published today entitled 'A New Visual on The Digital Writing Process For Teachers and Students'. Lengthwise we were not able to include both the infographic and the table in the same post, so we decided to post it separately. Just a quick reminder, the chart features what we think are some of the best iPad apps to help you realize each of the 3 stages of the digital writing process.  The digital writing process is a concept inspired from Troy Hicks book “ The Digital Writing Workshop”.

Writing prompts generators apps
Mind mapping apps
Writing, editing, and revising
Publishing and sharing
Writing guides
3- "They Say / I Say": The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing, by Gerald Graff  (Author),‎ Cathy Birkenstein (Author)
4- The Digital Writing Workshop, by Troy Hicks  (Author)