A Great Tool to Automatically Collect and Save Tweets to Google Sheets

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Twitter Archiver is an excellent Google Sheets add-on from Amit Agarwal. It allows you to save tweets for any hashtag or search query in a Google spreadsheet. This is especially helpful if you are in a conference or are interested in collecting tweets around a particular topic, you can simply create a quick ‘search rule’ in Twitter Archiver with the specified keywords, and the tool automatically pulls in all shared tweets containing that keyword. The only drawback is that it only features tweets that have been recently published (probably last two weeks), it doesn’t feature very old tweets.

You can use Twitter Archiver to save tweets for instance, for brand mentions, tweets from a specific person, trending hashtags, geotagged tweets, and even to back-up your own tweets. Besides the actual tweet text mentioning your keywords, Twitter Archiver also captures other data related to the tweets include: details about Twitter user (e.g. their name, number of follows and followers, location, bio, profile image, verified or not), a link to the original tweet, date and time of the tweet,  the app from which the tweet was shared, number of retweets, and many more. ‘The add-on is free though you can upgrade to premium edition to capture more search terms. The premium version also includes supports and polls twitter more frequently (every 10-15 minutes) to download new tweets. Go to gum.co/GA05 to upgrade to premium edition.’

Watch the video below to learn more about Twitter Archiver