4 Good Chrome Add-ons to Optimize Your Online Reading Experience

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If you are like us and love reading online you probably feel, from time to time, frustrated with the amount of distraction that accompany online reading materials (e.g., annoying ads, pop-ups, videos etc). Safari has a wonderful built-in reader mode which eliminates these distractive elements and provides you with a reader-friendly environment where you can focus and enjoy your reading. The defunct Evernote Clearly and Readability used to provide similar features to Safar’s reader mode. But if you are using Chrome extensions we have some good alternatives. These are extensions that will transform web pages into distraction-free and reader-friendly pages and provide you with an optimal reading experience online. You may want to check them out and see which ones work for you.

1- EasyReader

It allows you to turn long webpages into readable articles. Some of its features include: customize page colour, size, and fonts; it provides table of content for headings, print selected content and many more.

2- Mercury Reader

It helps you remove distractive elements from any web page and turn it into a clean reading article. Some of its features include: remove ads and web page noise, toggle between light and dark themes, adjust text size and typeface, print optimized, share via social media websites.

3- Midnight Lizard

‘This extension changes page colors, brightness and contrast to increase readability and brings dark night mode to all websites.’

4- Just Read

Another good Chrome extension to remove clutter from web pages. It helps you remove ads, comments, popups and ‘read the article in a customizable, simplified format - like a read mode but better! No login and completely free!’