3 New Google Slides Features Teachers Should Know about

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Google Slides has recently added a number of onteresting features that will make it super easy for you to create, edit, and share presentations. Here is a quick overview of these new features :

1- Insert slides from Google slides into Google Docs
This feature allows you to easily insert slides from Google Slides right into your Google documents. And when you link the inserted slides with their source presentation you will have the added benefit of automatic syncing. Every new edit you make on your slides will automatically show up on your inserted slides. Check out this page to learn more how to link a chart, table or slide in Google Slides.

2-Comment on text within individual objects
This is especially a good collaborative feature. In the past, you were only able to add comments to either the whole slide or on the whole object in the slide; with this new feature you are able to add comments to specific texts (e.g., text box) in your slides.

3- Guides and rulers in Slides
‘You can now add guide lines for consistent placement and alignment throughout a presentation. These guides will show on all slides in a presentation, and text and objects will snap to a guide to ensure they’re aligned. We’ve also created a new visual ruler, which gives you fine-grained control over the alignment of text, lists, objects, and guides. Indentation markers in the ruler can help you control the alignment of text or bullets within objects.’ Check out this page to learn more about rulers and guides