The Best Note Taking Apps for Chromebook Users

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Here are two of our favourite note taking tools you can use on your Chrome. Our favourite pick in the list is OneNote as it offers more sophisticated features than Google Keep. Its new Immersive Reader which reads out-loud your written notes is really helpful and can help enhance students reading skills. That being said, Google Keep  also embed some really useful features  that include collaboration and real time syncing. We invite you to check them out and share with us your feedback.

1- OneNote Online
The main features provided by OneNote include:

  • Different ways to capture your thoughts: you can handwrite them or sketch them out using drawing tools
  • Enrich your notes with multimedia items that include images, audio recordings, tables, file attachments, forms, links, symbols and many more.
  • Easily edit your notes using various editing tools
  • Print or Share your notebooks with others through email or via generated links
  • Immersive Reader feature reads out loud your notes
  • Select from pre-designed notebook templates to help you easily structure and organize your notes.
2- Google Keep
Google Keep offers the following features:

  • Record audio notes and have them transcribed automatically
  • Create and share photo notes, textual notes, and lists and to-dos
  • Collaborate with friends on your notes in real time
  • Organize your notes by labels and colour codes
  • An intuitive search functionality to easily locate your saved notes
  • It works across different devices and platforms 
  • Automatic syncing 
  • Set up location based reminders.