Here Is A Very Good Chrome Extension for Book Lovers

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BookAuthority is a good Chrome extension for book lovers. It allows you to add books you find on any website to your reading list with a single click. More importantly, it provides details related to the book including author name, ratings, recommendations, and a link to its reviews on Amazon. We have been tinkering with this extension for awhile and found it really useful. One caveat, however, BookAuthority only works with books on It ‘works on any website that has links to Amazon books: news sites (e.g. Forbes, Inc, Guardian, Business Insider, Fortune), personal blogs (e.g. Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Medium), social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit) and email newsletters.’

Here is how BookAuthority works; once you install the extension on your browser, you simply click on it when reading a webpage and it scans the entire page fetching Amazon book links included in the text of the page and it features them in a panel that is displayed in the bottom of the page. ‘The panel shows book info and recommendations, and allows you to add a book to your reading list, as well as read all Amazon reviews for a book.’ You may want to give it a try and see if you like it or not.