Here Is An Excellent Tool to Convert Tweets into Properly Formatted APA and MLA Citations

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In yesterday’s post we reviewed 8 of our favourite citation generator tools to help you easily generate and format your references. One of the tools we covered is Tweet2Cite which we want to particularly highlight in this post given the growing importance of Tweets as resource references. Tweet2Cite allows you to quickly generate properly formatted citations based on publicly shared Tweets. It supports MLA, APA,  and Wikipedia.

The way Tweet2Cite works is simple and easy. You simply copy the URL of the tweet you want to cite and paste it in the indicated box in the website then click on Convert. You will be shown all the data of the tweet together with how to cite it in MLA, APA, and Wikipedia. To access the URL of a particular tweet, head over to Twitter, locate the Tweet you want to reference. In the top right corner click on the drop-down menu and select ‘Copy link to Tweet’.