Grab These Educational iPad Apps They Are Free Today

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For this week's Apps Gone Free series, we are featuring 7 interesting iPad apps you might want to try out since they are free. Some of these apps (e.g., Multi Translate ) is really pricey. Some of the things you can do with these apps include: translate any language into 3 other languages simulataneously, easily capture and edit your important dates in Apple Calendar using Pencil-In, develop your multiplication skills via an engaging game, edit and share beautiful photos and visuals, practice meditation and enhance your mindfulness skills, and many more.

Grab These Educational iPad Apps They Are Free Today

1- Multi Translate Voice: Say It
‘Multi Translate is a professional translator and interpreter app able to translate any language into 3 others at the same time. Just speak with your own voice, Multi Translate will convert it into text then translate/interpret, after which you can listen to the pronunciation for each language, even when your device is mute!’

2- Pencil-In
‘Pencil-In is going to change the way you use your calendar! Use your camera to photograph any date or multiple dates and scan them directly into your Apple Calendar! Use Pencil-In to create contact entries from business cards or other forms of contact cards.’

3- Newton
‘A fun, simple, but challenging game for everyone to practice their multiplication skills.
Newton learns what questions you answer incorrectly, and intelligently helps you get better at them. As you play, game features are unlocked to help you get better and track your progress over time, visualising how you’ve improved and highlighting your problem areas.’

4- Xmart Calculator Pro
‘Xmart Calculator Pro is an intelligent salary/financial calculator and accounting/audit checker capable of solving complex math equations based on text expression, and saving information in the tracker for reference.’

5- VisualX
‘VisualX will help take your photos from average to outstanding in mere moments. Crop, splash, adjust, rotate, draw, add text, add filters and hordes of effects then export in full size or to the usual social media suspects.’

6- Meditation Time
‘The "Meditation Time App" is a simple and clean timer for your meditation session. It lets you set the duration of your meditation and offers a mindfulness bell that rings in an adjustable interval. Choose from a wide variety of Tibetan singing bowls for the gong.’

7- Cubes: brain teaser
‘Cubes is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to form or complete a pattern with moving cubes. The first levels of the game are basic so you can master the concept quickly. Then you will have challenging levels but yet accessible with nice and cute pixel art patterns.’

Source: Apps Gone Free