A Helpful Science Dictionary App for Students and Teachers

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After having covered  dictionary and language translation apps, we are sharing with you another dictionary app but this time only for science students and teachers. Science Dictionary, as its name indicates, provides definitions of more than 1000,000 scientific terms across different scientific fields including biology, physics, chemistry, geology, oceanography, astronomy, environmental science and many more. It also provides visual illustrations in the forms of diagrams and images.  Some scientific terms come with audio pronunciation in both American and British accents so students can learn how to say them.

Other features provided by Science Dictionary include the ability to bookmark and save unlimited pages so you can easily access them later on, the use of native voice search to audio search terms, view search suggestions as you type in your queries, see your recent searches, access advanced settings to refine your searches, share definitions with others through social media platforms , email or text.  Check out Science Dictionary and share with us your feedback in our social media platforms.