7 New EdTech Tools for Teachers

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Back to you with another new EdTech tools list. These are web tools and extensions to be featured in our blog for the first time. We collect these resources from our email piles and sometimes, like in today’s work, we would draw on the services of websites that feature new EdTech start-ups such as Product Hunt. The purpose is to introduce you to web applications that might add some value to your teaching and/or professional development. For today’s list, we have tools that will help you do the following: bookmark, organize and save your to-read-later resources; teach kids spelling through interactive games; access and read user-generated stories shared by volunteers from all around the globe; access a huge library of art books covering different epochs and genres; collect information from different online sources and organize it into an easily searchable database; access helpful resources on music teaching and learning.

1- Memex

'A free, open-source and private browser extension, Memex lets you instantly find anything you've seen, saved or shared online. Instead of spending time organising everything upfront, you now only need to recall words from the text, a time, a domain or tags to relocate the information you're looking for.'

2- Rocket Spelling

"Rocket Spelling is meant to change the way spelling is practiced in the classroom. By turning spelling into a game, complete with awards, points, and badges, Rocket Spelling gets students excited about conquering as many spelling words as possible. By using 1,200 of the most important high-frequency words in the English language and grouping them into patterns whenever possible, Rocket Spelling focuses students' efforts on the words that will matter most in their reading and writing lives. Rocket Spelling is meant to be a perfect tool to use alongside your normal spelling minilessons, during a word work time, in a center, or even as an at-home tool for your students."

‘Extension for saving articles for later, and actually reading them…Usage of extension is as basic as it gets: you set time for reading in options, and then save any article that you want by clicking on extension icon. When the reading time comes, you will be presented with list of your saved articles.’

4- Commaful

'Commaful takes everything you love about stories and makes it a bite-sized, on-the-go experience. Stories take minutes to read, so you can immerse yourself in a crazy adventure or dream through a romantic love story during your busy schedules!'

Offers' digital art books covering many periods and genres, and ranging from introductory materials (such as the "How to Read Art" series) to more scholarly publications (such as exhibition catalogues from MoMA). Several museums and publishers around the world have digitized their art books with Musebooks, including MoMA NY, Thames & Hudson, The Royal Museums in Brussels, and the National Palace Museum in Taipei. More information about the new NPM books is attached.

'Aggregatus is a service that helps you to aggregate information of the same meaning but from the different websites and make it searchable, filterable and sortable as if it all was from the one website.'

This is a website that provides various resources for music teachers. This includes courses, lessons, guides, tutorials and many more.