Best Android Apps for Learning English

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In response to requests from some of our readers here in EdTech and mLearning asking about recommendations for Android apps to learn English, we went ahead and curated for you the list below. It features some of the most popular language learning apps out there. Most of these titles are also available on other platforms and devices. For iPad English learning apps see this list instead. 

Students can use them to improve their English conversational practice, speaking and listening competencies, reading and writing skills, and vocabulary and grammar. They (apps) provide a wide variety of interactive games, lessons, language activities, audio and video materials and many more. 

1. BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English is an Android app for learning English from BBC. The app offers downloadable audio learning programmes, lessones, quizzes, topic stories to learn English vocabulary and phrases, and more. BBC Learning English popular audio lessons include: The English We Speak, 6 Minutes English, English at Work, LingoHack, News Review, among others. Each audio lesson comes with built-in transcripts and subtitles to enable students to work on their reading and listening skills. Quizzes at the end of the lesson further reinforce learned materials.

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is another popular English learning Android app. In fact, language learners worldwide use it to learn more than 35 languages including French, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, English, German, and more. Duolingo offers lessons that address different language learning areas. For instance, there are fun games and game-based lessons to improve reading, listening and speaking skills. The app also offers rewards to encourage achievement and boost English practice. 

3. English Conversation Practice

This app is all about helping English learners practice conversational English, that is the English spoken in everyday conversations. There are over 200 English conversation lessons covering different topical areas including exercises to enhance listening skills, conversation practice to improve speaking, quizzes to boost comprehension, and a recording tool to track one's English learning progress.

4. ABA English - Learn English

ABA English helps users learn English through courses, live classes, and guidance from native teachers. The app's teaching method is based on the concept of immersion whereby language learners pick up authentic English from native speakers by engaging in real-life scenarios. 'The ABA English course is video-based. It is comprised of 144 units in 6 official levels: from A1, Beginner, to C1 Business. What's more, it also includes live unit review classes.'

5. English Central: Learn English

English Central helps English learners with 1-on-1 tutoring and videos. There are over 15.000 videos covering different topics 'from movies to travel and business'. 

6. Hello English: Learn English

Hello English helps users learn spoken English, grammar, and vocabulary on the go. It offers access to over 470 interactive lessons which can also be accessed offline; interactive games covering various language learning areas such as reading, translation, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary; audio and video clips to help with practicing daily English; a dictionary that contains over 10.000 words; discussion forums and chatbots; quizzes to test English learning knowledge, and more.

7. Rosetta Stone: Learn, Practice & Speak Languages

Rosetta Stone's focus is more towards improving language speaking skills. Whether you want to learn English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Filipino, Hebrew, or Hindi, Rosetta Stone has speaking lessons for you. Some of its interesting features include TruAccent to help with speaking local Englishes, instantaneous translations of any word, a phrasebook to help with learning English phrases and expressions,  Audio Companion lessons to improve listening, and more.

8. Memrise Easy Language Learning

Memrise prizes itself on helping English learners speak the 'English' spoken in real-life situations. The app offers over 50.000 audio and video clips demonstrating how the English sounds, tone, and rhythm works. In short, if you are searching for an app to help you learn a language dialect, Memrise is for you. Besides English, the app also supports learning Dutch, Swedish, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, German, Italian, French, Brazilian, and more.

9. Basic English for Beginners

This English learning Android app helps students learn the basics of English through step by step lessons and guides. Lessons are illustrated with images, visual aids, and audio files thus tending to every learner type. Also, the app includes an interesting features which allows language learners to record their voice and compare it to native speakers, a great way to improve English speaking and pronunciation.

10. Babbel

Babbel is another popular language learning app that supports various languages besides English. Babbel's teaching approach is based on short interactive lessons usually around 10 to 15 minutes that anyone can anywhere they are. There are lessons covering numerous topics including travel, work, everyday life, and more.  Lessons contain various media materials and offer tests and quizzes to help with improving comprehension and retention. 

11. Busuu

Busuu offers language lessons for learning different languages including English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, and more. Learners can access feedback from native speakers allowing them to improve their grammatical and conversational fluency. The Grammar Review feature if a practical tool that improves grammar learning with various example sentences and rules. The app also supports offline learning enabling users to download language content and study it anywhere, anytime.

12. WordUp

WordUp is a vocabulary builder app that helps students learn English words through the help of examples from YouTube, Word pictures, popular quotes, news, and more. WordUp works in four simple steps: First assess your English language knowledge, discover words you do not know, learn and practice new learned words, and finally set a learning goal and track your language learning progress. 

'Whether you are native English speaker or your English just needs some work, the WordUp app can identify which important English words you don't know and will give you fun and engaging tools to learn them. With translations in more than 30 languages including French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, ...'