5 Google Classroom Apps to Engage Students in Interactive Learning Experiences

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The last time we covered Google Classroom integrated apps we featured 3 good applications students can use to improve their reading and writing skills. In today’s post, we are sharing with you this collection of Classroom apps that will help you engage students in interactive learning experiences. These apps, curated from Apps that Work #with Classroom page, will enable you and your students to : create and collaborate on a wide variety of interactive multimedia materials and in real-time including presentations, animated stories, and tutorials; create music ‘notation and composition assignments in Google Classroom'; transform presentations into interactive lessons with various types of formative assessment questions; create and share quizzes and many more.

5 Google Classroom Apps to Engage Students in Interactive Learning Experiences
1- Explain Everything
This is an excellent interactive whiteboard you can use to connect and collaborate  in real-time. It provides teachers and students with the required tools to create interactive presentations, tutorials, and animated stories.

2- Flat
‘Flat for Education is designed for your music classroom. You can use it on any device to access and create your musical compositions or music education activities. Flat has a unique collaborative experience: let your students work in real-time on the same sheet music, whether you are in the classroom or working from home.’

3- Quizziz
‘This integration makes it seamless for teachers to assign Quizizz games to their class. Students can join a Quizizz game with one click and all their performance data is sent back to Classroom.’

4- Pear Deck
‘With Pear Deck and Google Classroom, it's easy for teachers to connect all of the devices in the room together in an interactive lesson. There's no need for codes or URLs that take students so long to type!’

5- Classcraft
‘With the Classcraft integration, teachers can pull rosters from Google Classroom and provision accounts in a single click. Teachers can give students points in the game for turning in assignments on time and convert their Classroom results into game points.’