5 Good Educational iPad Apps Free Today

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This week’s Apps Gone Free series features 5 very good iPad apps that are free today. Again this deal is valid at least in the Canadian and American iTunes App Store. Some of the things you can do with these apps include: virtually explore the museum of the National Gallery of Art Washington, learn about historic events  and how they shaped the course of human history, create beautiful art works, learn to write English alphabets by tracing, use visual cues to remember important tasks and many more.

5 Good Educational iPad Apps Free Today

1- National Gallery of Art HD
‘Take a walk through the virtual halls of the museum of the National Gallery of Art Washington (USA), where you will enjoy the masterpieces of world art. App includes the best-known paintings of the museum, such as: Portrait of Ginevra de' Benci" by Leonardo da Vinci; “venus with a Mirror" by Titian; “Self-Portrait" by Rembrandt; “Laocoon" by El Greco; “Self-Portrait" by Van Gogh.’

2- History Events
‘Now you can learn or get reminded of historic and important events from throughout history. Read important events that happened around the world with their respective dates.’

3- Paintkeep Painting
‘Get creative turning your photo to art instantly by choosing the watercolor, sketch or abstract filters you want. For professional users, you can express your creativity easily and make great fine art by using our flexible brush feature. Paintkeep is suitable for both beginner and expert users to create unlimited possibilities of painting.’

4- ABC Star - Letter Tracing 
‘Learn to write the letters of the English alphabet by tracing. Watch your pet hatch from its egg and grow as it learns along with you.’

5- Cuercard- Visual To-Do List, Tasks and Reminders
‘The revolutionary to-do app that uses simple icons as visual Cues to remind you of your important tasks! To remember your task, simply choose one of the beautifully crafted built-in Cues as a visual reminder.’

Courtesy of Apps Gone Free