3 Interesting Google Classroom Apps to Improve Students Reading and Writing Skills

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Since it started supporting third party applications, Google Classroom witnessed a surge in the integration of external applications. The main goal such an integration is to facilitate students and teachers’ work in Classroom and across integrated services. You can learn more about how teachers have successfully used Classroom with other apps from this post. However, in today’s post we are drawing your attention to three important apps featured in ‘Apps that Work #withClassroom’ collection and which you can use to to improve students reading and writing skills. All of these apps work seamlessly with Google Classroom: the first one (Actively learn) is used to develop analytical reading skills and enhance students reading comprehension, Newsela provides students with engaging reading materials tailored to their reading levels, and the last app (Unicheck) is a plagiarism checker which assists students in creating original writing.

1- Actively Learn

Actively Learn helps students develop analytical reading skills amenable to deeper understanding of texts. This is achieved through 3 important strategies:
A- Activate thinking
‘Teachers activate thinking by modeling close reading, asking higher-order questions, facilitating discussion, and encouraging students to annotate while they read.’
B- Support thinking:
‘Teachers support thinking by making it possible for students to overcome common reading obstacles such as gaps in content knowledge or vocabulary deficits. Technology helps students make sense of the words by offering dyslexic settings, built-in foreign language dictionaries, and text-to-speech.’
C- Reveal thinking:
‘Revealing thinking consists of having students write extensively while they read, encouraging metacognition, and providing effective feedback for deeper learning.’

Watch this video to learn more about Actively Learn

2- Newsela

‘Newsela supercharges learning in every subject. It starts with interesting articles about tons of topics—each available at 5 reading levels. Assessments are included with the articles to help readers engage with the content. As students read and take quizzes, the Newsela app adjusts the reading level to keep articles challenging and engaging. Plus, students can keep track of their improvement over time automatically.’

Watch this video to learn more about Newsela

3- Unicheck

‘Unicheck is the essential software that helps students and teachers study and teach easier, faster, and with better results. Our plagiarism checker works fast and checks for similarities in submitted files across a real-time web index of 4.75+ billion pages, open access databases, journals, and documents stored in your account.’
Watch this video to learn more about Unicheck.