Top EdTech Start-ups That Are Shaping The Future of Education

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Education is one of the key sectors that has hugely benefited from the influx of web technologies and digital media.  New forms of learning and teaching have seen the light while old ones have been revamped. People are no longer required to step into a school to receive their education, they can do it online at the time and place of their liking. Teachers are using technology to enhance their students learning and deepen their understanding by providing them with first-hand learning experiences involving the use of innovative tools such as VR technologies, virtual labs, artificial intelligence, digital simulations and many more. Students with learning disabilities have also been attended to through web tools and apps designed specifically to meet their learning needs. Technology has, and is still continuing to, transform education in super colossal ways.

At the forefront of this EdTech revolution are start-up EdTech companies who took it upon themselves to transform the educational sector through innovative uses of technology in teaching and learning. By definition,  EdTech start-ups, according to CB Insights, are “those working to replace or supplement traditional education systems for both students and professionals.” In today’s post we are sharing with you this visual created by CB Insights featuring over 90 EdTech start-ups that are shaping the future of education. These are arranged into the following categories:
  • Broad online learning
  • Learning management systems
  • Career development
  • Early childhood education
  • Language Learning
  • Tech Learning
  • Study tools
  • Course materials
  • School administration
  • Next-gen school
  • Learning analytics
  • Test prep
  • Classroom engagement
  • Online to offline
Check out this page to learn more about each of these start-ups. 
Top EdTech Start-ups That Are Shaping The Future of Education