Here Is A Very Good Digital Library for Kids and Young Learners

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Epic provides access to thousands of high quality books, audiobooks, read-to-me books, and learning videos for kids and young learners.  Students will get to choose from a rich collection of reading materials and as they read they will earn badges and achievements. As a teacher, you can create an account on Epic, select a few subjects and get book recommendations based on your students interests and reading levels. You can create individual profiles for your students and have them sign in to your group. You can then share with them reading assignments, quizzes, activities, reading materials, track their reading progress and many more.

Epic supports both online and offline reading and works across different devices and platforms (the web, iPad and Android). Its library includes over 20,000 titles spanning different themes and topics ‘from picture books to chapter books, early readers, audiobooks, graphic novels, non-fiction titles, educational books, videos and more. Epic now includes Spanish books and Chinese books…Well-known books and series include Fancy Nancy, Flat Stanley, Warriors, Biscuit, National Geographic Kids, The Chronicles of Narnia, Batman, Goosebumps, Clifford, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Goodnight Moon, Big Nate, and many more.’

Watch the video below to learn more about Epic.