Here Is A Great Website to Create, Read and Share Digital Stories

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StoryWeaver is an educational platform that draws on collaborative team work to develop ‘a rich digital repository of diverse children’s stories from Pratham Books.’ The purpose of this project is to provide learners from all around the world with stories and other reading materials written in their own mother tongue. With the help of volunteers and partners such as Google, StoryWeaver’s digital library now has thousands of story books in over 100 languages.  StoryWeaver definitely makes a good addition to our list of 19 educational websites that enhance students reading skills.

StoryWeaver has two interesting you probably can use with students in class. There is the Translator tool which allows anyone with an interest in children’s stories to contribute with translating stories from the website. The way it works is east: simply select the language you want to translate to and the one you like to translate from and StoryWeaver provides you with suggestions of stories to work on. There is also the Story-Creator tool which allows students to write their own stories and share them with others. As a teacher, you can use StoryWeaver with your students to access stories for different age groups and reading levels. Unless otherwise noted, all content on StoryWeaver is licensed under ‘Creative Commons license (CC-BY-4.0).’

Watch the video below to learn more about StoryWeaver.