Here Is An Excellent Chrome Extension for Teachers

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Shortcuts for Google is a great Chrome extension you can use to easily access all of your favourite Google services from a ‘space-saving popup’. I have been using this extension for a while now and I find it really helpful. Instead of having multiple tabs open at the same time or having a cluttered address bar with your bookmarks you can save everything to Shortcuts for Google and with a simple click on its icon a popup window will display buttons to all your apps and your saved web links.

Shortcuts for Google displays over 300 Google services and websites. When you first install it, shortcuts of a limited number of services are displayed by default (e.g., Gmail, Calendar, Translate, Drive, Google Keep, YouTube, Maps, Search).  You can edit its settings to add, remove and/or re-order shortcuts. You can also use the ‘Add Custom Shortcut’ to create  shortcut buttons  for your favourite websites and apps.

To start using Shortcuts for Google, install it on your Chrome browser from this page. Once installed, click on its icon  on top right corner in your address bar then click on the setting button as shown in the screenshot below

Drag and drop Google services you want to add to your list

Or click on ‘Add custom shortcut’ to add shortcut buttons of your favourite websites.