8 New EdTech Tools for Teachers

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We finally got the time to sift through the piles of unread emails and select for you the tools below. These are some new EdTech tools you may want to try in your instruction. Some of these tools have been curated from Producthunt. The purpose is to provide  you with innovative educational technology that can potentially add value to your teaching and professional development.  We invite you to check them out and share with us your feedback in our Facebook page. 

1- Listly

‘This is a free tool to turn web data into Excel. All you need is just one-click. It automatically extracts clean data and arranges them into rows and columns.’

2- Whiteboard

As its name indicates, this is a whiteboard tool that allows you to draw, write and brainstorm and share ideas with others. It supports real-time collaboration and works across different platforms. It doesn’t require a sign up or software download. 

3- Legends of Learning

‘ an online game platform that hosts more than 1000 short curriculum based science games. We built these games off of a research project we conducted with Vanderbilt University that demonstrated the efficacy of short curricula games in schools. We started with two build outs for grades 3-8 (elementary and middle school), and used the NGSS standards as the curriculum base. The games have been reviewed on platform by teachers and students, which lets teachers find the games most appropriate for their lesson. The platform is free for teachers, and will remain so ’

4- Word Counter

‘Word Counter is an easy to use online tool for counting characters, words, sentences, paragraphs and pages in real time. To begin, start typing directly into the text area above, or copy and paste in text from anywhere else. The sidebar on the right will update in real-time with your current character and word counts, and most frequently used keywords. Select Top, 1x, 2x or 3x to toggle between keyword word groups.’

5- Fractions Decoded

This website helps students learn arithmitic through explanations embedded in stories. It also features seevral exercices each of which has a sample solution with step-by- step guides.

6- Neat Messages for Gmail

‘Tired of the extremely long rows of text in Gmail? This extension will help! All plain text emails are put in a neat container where you can comfortably read them. In the meantime, HTML emails that are designed and have everything looking nice will be left unchanged.’

7- Dittach

This is “Dittach is an attachment manager for Gmail that saves you time and stress.Search or browse every email you’ve ever sent or received; go direct from an attachment to the email it came with; forward, print or share attachments..”

8- Wakelet

"Wakelet lets you save and organize the web in any way you want. You can save articles, videos, Tweets, podcasts, images and pretty much anything with a URL. We have a lot of educators and students using Wakelet in many ways. Whether that be an assignment to tell a story using various videos, articles and social media as well as text, to save their project research privately or to work together in a group research task using our collaboration feature."