8 Important Google Sheets Add-ons for Teachers and Educators

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Yesterday we covered what we think are some of the best Google Docs add-ons teachers should know about. In today's post we are featuring another collection of important add-ons but this time for Google Sheets.  Using these applications will enable you to add a wide range of functionalities to your Sheets.  These include the ability to grade and analyze online assignments, send mass emails using Gmail, access a huge library of professionally designed Sheets templates, assess and organize students projects in Google Drive, create PDFs from spreadsheets, convert a Google Sheets spreadsheet into a Google Doc, and many more. We invite you to check them out and share with us your feedback.

8 Important Google Sheets for Teachers and Educators

1- Flubaroo
‘Flubaroo helps you quickly grade and analyze online assignments and assessments, as well as instantly share scores with students!’

2- Mail Merge with Attachments
‘Send personalized mass emails with Gmail, schedule emails, insert different attachments for each recipient and track email opens.’

3- Template Gallery
‘Save time by using professionally designed documents and spreadsheet templates created by Vertex42.com.’

4- Doctopus
‘An octopus for docs! Teacher-built tool for scaffolding, managing, organizing, and assessing student projects in Google Drive.’

5- AutoCrat
‘Flexible, easy to use document merge tool that creates PDF or shared Documents from spreadsheet data.’

6- Flippity
‘Easily turn a Google™ Spreadsheet into a Set of Online Flashcards and Other Cool Stuff.’

7- Save As Doc
‘Convert any Google Sheets spreadsheet into a Google Document for improved legibility of lengthy cell text entries.’

8- Add Reminders
‘Send automatic email notifications before / after a specific date (deadline) is reached for each row of your spreadsheet.’