Here Is An Excellent Website for History and Social Studies Teachers

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Historypin is a crowdsourced project that uses the power of Google Maps to provide a user-generated ‘archive of historical photos, videos, audio recordings and personal recollections.’ As a user you can access collections created by others and explore their stories and learn more about the history surrounding their world. You can also start your own collection, add pins (e.g., images, videos, or notes) to illustrate particulate places in the map and share with others your local stories. Historypin hosts over 300.000 stories pinned across thousands of projects and tours across over 2000 cities. “Communities all over the world use Historypin to bring people together around local history. Activities take place in all sorts of venues, from schools to rock festivals and libraries to local pubs.”

Students can use Historypin to explore, understand and learn about history. It allows them to compare different cultures, see how places and communities looked in the past. They can also use it to upload their own materials and tell their stories. To learn more about how to use Historypin with your own students, check out this post from Common Sense Media. You can also watch this introductory video to see how Historypin works.