Here Is An Easy Way for Students to Create Digital Portfolio Using Google Slides

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Over the last few years we reviewed a number of educational web tools and mobile apps students can use to create digital portfolios. Most of these applications are free, simple and easy to use. You can check a sample post we published in this regard from this page. However, in today’s post we are sharing with you a handy tip to help students design beautiful digital portfolios using Google Slides.

In Google Slides’ template gallery there is a pre-designed template called ‘Portfolio’. As its name indicates, Portfolio provides users with a pre-made layout to draw on to construct a portfolio in the form of a presentation. This template consists of 10 customizable slides each of which features components  related to different parts of the portfolio. For instance, there is a slide for featuring one’s expertise and skills, another for career highlights…etc. Students can work on these slides, edit them the way they want, add new slides from the tools menu and when they are done they can save their final product in various formats. They can download it as a Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, image, publish it to the web, or email it as an attachment.

Students can also work in groups and collaborate in creating and peer-editing each other’s portfolio using Google Slides collaborative features. To access the Portfolio template, head over to Google Slides Template Gallery and click on ‘Template Gallery’ button on top right.

Scroll down and you will find it under the category ‘Personal’