Android Apps to Develop Students Critical Thinking Skills

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After the posting of iPad Apps to Develop Students Critical Thinking Skills, we received a number of requests for a similar list for Android users. We finally had the time to look through our Android apps archive and pull out the collection below. As we stated in the previous post, analyzing, creating, and evaluating are three essential critical skills in Bloom’s digital taxonomy which allow students to critically engage with complex texts, explore interrelations, uncover hidden meanings, make informed guesses and inferences, and synthesize key information. For each of these critical thinking skills we came up with a collection of Android apps we think can help students cultivate the targeted skill. Check them out and share with us your feedback in our Facebook page.

See links of the apps under the visual.

Android Apps to Develop Students Critical Thinking Skills

1- Creating
These are apps students can use to create a wide variety of digital content:

1- Magisto
Create and share video clips on the go.

2- Adobe Premier Clip
Create, edit and share videos.

3- Pic Collage
Create and share beautiful visuals.

4- Flipagram
Create and share digital stories.

5- Glogster
Create and share multimedia posters.

2- Analyzing
Here are apps to engage students in analytic activities:

A- Google Keep
Capture, edit and share notes.

B- Padlet
Curate, organize, analyze and share digital content.

C- OneNote
Handwrite, type, draw and record your thoughts.

D- Foxit PDF Reader and Converter
View, annotate, edit, convert and sign your PDFs.

E- SimpeMind
Create, organize and analyze using mind maps.

3- Evaluating
Below are some Android apps students can use for evaluation and assessment:

A- Seesaw
Document and evaluate ones learning using text, notes, drawings, PDFs, videos and more.

B- Google Sheets
Create, edit and collaborate with others on spreadsheets.

C- ShowMe 
Record voice-over tutorials and share them with others.

D- Evernote
Capture and organize your notes.

E- Google Docs
Create, edit and collaborate with others on documents.