Four Important Features Provided by The New Google's App 'Files Go' Teachers Should know about

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Files Go is a newly  released app from Google which allows Android users to effectively manage, share and organize their files. The Verge magazine likened it to Apple’s Airdrop based on the multiple features they have in common. Files Go, which is still in beta phase,  is available for free download in Google Play App Store. Here are some of the main things you can do with this app:

1- Remove unused apps
You can use Files Go to search for apps that you installed but are not using anymore. With a few clicks you can uninstall these apps to free up space on your Android device and make it speedy.

2- Delete spam, duplicates and large files
Another way to clear up space on your Android device is by deleting spam and duplicate files. Files Go can do this using a built-in feature that lets you easily remove duplicates such as documents, videos, and images, and even large files.

3- Share files offline
Similar to AirDrop, Files Go allows you to share files with other nearby devices that have the app installed. Sharing  works through bluetooth connection.

4- Provides a number of interesting organizational features
To help you better manage your files, Files Go arranges your files into categories such as ‘downloads, apps, images, videos, audio, and documents’ making it super easy for you to quickly browse and find files. Files can also be organized by size, name and date modified.

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