An Excellent Scanner App for Teachers and Educators

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December 11, 2017
Top Folders Pro is an excellent scanner app that offers a wide variety of features. The app is actually on sale, it is free and only for a limited period of time. It’s regular price is $4,99. Top Folders Pro enables you to create high quality PDF scans of your documents using the camera of your phone. Once scanned you can use the app’s editing features to sign, highlight, annotate, delete and crop pages. It also lets you passcode your documents and support touch ID security measures so it’s only you who can access and view your materials.

Another interesting feature from Top Folders Pro is that it provides you access to all of your cloud services including Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive. You can log in to any of these platforms right from within the app. You can also automatically sync all your scanned docs to these services. Other features offered by the app include : ‘digital signature and highlight functions; open, read, sync and upload files to the cloud from the app; iCloud enabled to sync files between your devices; upload your scans automatically with automated upload to your chosen cloud service; integrated print function makes printing your scans easy…’
Courtesy of Apps Gone Free