3 Popular Web Tools to Enhance Students Typing Skills

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In today’s post, we are sharing with you three of the most popular typing games in Chrome web store. Kids and students can use these games to train and improve their typing skills. They will also get to enhance their typing time and become pro typists. The games are free to use and do not require any software installation. You simply install the extension on your Chrome browser and get started. Alternatively, you can play the games on the web using their respective websites. Check them out and share with us your feedback in our Facebook page.

3 Popular Web Tools to Enhance Students Typing Skills
1- Typing Scout - Better Typing!
‘Typing Scout is a typewriter training app to improve your typing skills in a gamelike manner.Scout Mode will guide you step by step through Basic Training lessons. More advanced students can train against real world texts based on Daily News - freshly delivered every day! Additionally, choose from 4 highly customizable games to train and improve your typing skills.’

2- Typing Club
‘Master touch typing using this free game / educational program. This online program will assist you with learning and improving your typing speed! Practice each lesson over and over to at least get all three stars. It really doesn't take much to learn touch typing, a few minutes a day for one to two weeks and you will be a pro!’

3- Typing Machine
‘What an awesome app for people who wish to improve their typing skills. Typing Machine will improve dramatically your typing skills, and your typing timing. When you start the game, the ABC letters will fall from the sky, and you will have to type them on the keyboard exactly when they reach the bottom part of the screen. The point of this typing game is to type it exactly at the right timing! So if you typed it before, it’s a strike! ’