Here Is A Very Good PDF Tool to Use in Your Instruction

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November 28, 2017
 If you are a teacher, a lecturer, a tutor or even a student then you must have noticed that digital files have taken over from the traditional paper work. This is what many refer to as going paperless. Well, it’s all thanks to the efficacy of being paperless that directly translates to improvement in document handling hence escalated productivity especially in places like schools. Talking about digital formats, PDF files are now one of the most popular files around in the realm of reading, creating documents and collaborating with others. In today's post we are sharing with you this excellent PDF tool called PDFelement 6 which you can use it to handle PDF files like a pro but before that let us share with you some of the ways PDF files are being used in education:

1- Convert Assignments, Course Notes and Other Documents To and From PDF
The first common thing you may want to do is to convert files from one format to another. Say, you are a student and you would like to submit your assignments in PDF formats so you are probably looking to convert a format like word to PDF. As a matter of fact, PDF files are very good when you want to deliver documents at a rigid structure and formatting. In this regard, assignments and course notes can also be delivered in PDF formats where a student can move on to mark it up in PDF, print it and even convert it to other formats.  

2- Use PDF Files When Collaborating on Projects
Education is full of collaboration especially when it comes to matters research and projects. Well, collaboration has gone digital as well and you are bound to exchange files with colleagues via digital file formats. That said, PDF formats are a great way to do such exchanges seamlessly given that you can review, markup, bookmark and give feedback directly on the files.
3- Sign Files Digitally
It is natural that as we go paperless then we should also find ways to deliver legally binding signatures in digital documents. This has given birth to a term known as digital signatures or what is otherwise known as e-signatures. Now, digital signatures are a new concept to many but it is actually not complex at all. In fact, with the right tool you can sign all your documents fast. For instance, with PDF formats, you can electronically sign applications, slips, research work, proposals etc

Convert Paper/Scan Documents to Readable/Editable PDF Documents
At times you may vital paper documents that you are looking to convert them for digital consumption. Of course, the manual conversion may be so tiresome not to mention that you can loose key information like diagrams in the process. So, what’s the way out? Well, why not scan the files and convert them to readable/ editable PDF formats? They may be paper handouts or textbooks but it doesn’t matter! You can convert them to PDF formats in no time! In fact, you can take advantage of PDF software with OCR functionalities meaning that you can convert paper documents to PDF documents and handle them digitally. This way you will shift away from having to carry books and documents from place to place.

Combine Files Into One Large File
In some cases, you can have a number of disparate files that you would like to combine into one large file. Think of things like lesson plans, excel data, presentations and much more. PDF files are thus a good way to merge these files whilst minimizing the hitches that usually crop up when handling files in other formats. Then there is the process of doing batch processes like adding markups, watermarks, removing markups and watermarks, redacting files, adding passwords to protect files and much more which can only be done on digital formats like PDF

A Guide to Editing PDF Files Using PDFelement
PDFelement is a tool that delivers a 360-degree PDF experience tailored for individuals and businesses in virtually every niche. It is actually an all in one tool with powerful features for editing, converting, annotating, filling and signing PDF files.
How to Edit PDF Files Using PDFelement 6
PDFelement is compatible with both Mac and Windows thus you can pick the version that suits you depending on the OS you are running. There is a trail version to use to check the tool.
Edit PDF Files
First, download and install the PDFelement 6 software from the official website.

Find your PDF file location and open it. You can do this by simply clicking on open option under File tab.

You can choose to edit your files by simply clicking on the Edit Text option in the submenu.  

Here you can pick between two editing options i.e Line Mode and Paragraph Mode. In case of the former, every line will be displayed inside a block while for the latter every paragraph will be displayed in a block.

PDFelement Giveaway Templates
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