A New Interesting Google Drive Feature for Inserting Images into Docs, Slides and Drawings

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November 7, 2017
Google released yesterday a new interesting feature that will make it super easy for you to insert images into your Google Drive's documents, presentations or drawings. You now have  five options for image insertion in Google Docs, Slides and Drawings. These are : upload from computer, search the web, use images from your Google Drive, insert images from Google Photos or through URL.
‘If you select “Upload from computer,” you’ll be taken to your computer’s file manager, which many users are familiar with. If you select “Search the web,” “Drive,” or “Photos,” you’ll be taken to a menu on the righthand side of your screen that is easier to navigate and more intuitive to use. You can also drag and drop images directly from this menu into your document. If you select “By URL,” you’ll be given the option to input the specific URL for an image.’

Here is how to access image insertion options on Docs, Slides and Drawings:
  • Open your Docs, Slides or Drawings
  • Click on ‘Insert’ button or on image icon
  • Choose from the following options.