Some Important Tips to Help You Integrate Game-based Learning in Your Teaching

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The educational potential of integrating games in instruction is well-documented in the pedagogical literature. Several academic studies emphasized the importance of using games with students in class.  Games are proved to enhance students engagement, boost collaboration and create meaningful learning experiences for students. They also help in creating fun learning environments   where students are motivated to take responsibility of their learning. With the widespread of technology and mobile applications, high quality educational games are just a click away. However, gamifying your instruction is a subtle  process that requires you to consider multiple factors. The visual below introduces you to some important tips to help you ensure you do it the right way. This visual which is also available as a PDF  is based on  Marcus Guido’s post ‘5 Steps to Implementing Game-Based Learning in the Classroom’. Check it out to learn more.

5 Steps to Integrate Game-based Learning in Your Class