Here Is A Very Good Web Tool for Research Students and Academics

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October 31, 2017
Typeset is a good website for research students and academics. It is  an auto-formatting software that helps researchers convert their manuscripts into the journal format of their choice. Typeset currently hosts over 30,000 journal formats, which includes top journals from top publishers, like IEEE, Wiley and others.

Typeset has a growing community of over 20,000+ researchers from 103+ countries who use Typeset to auto-format their manuscripts every day. This helps them save formatting time and ensure 100% compliance to journal guidelines. If you're currently working on a manuscript / research paper, Typeset will help you:

- Format or re-format your papers in a single click
- Collaborate with your co-authors
- Integrate with reference managers, like Mendeley, Zotero and more, for easy citation

From a communication with Smriti Chawla from Typeset. Please note this is not a sponsored post.