A Very Good Collaborative Tool to Enhance Students Creative Writing

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StoryWars Classroom is an excellent web tool and Chrome extension you can use to engage students in creative writing projects. It provides students with a distraction free platform where they can express their thoughts and collaborate on writing stories. You can either start a story from scratch and have others help you finish it or work on others stories. ‘Different users can write a chapter to a story that they like and want to contribute to. The twist is that for your chapter to be official, it has to be voted in. By going up against different authors, you actually have to try. Because of that, you slowly start to become a better writer.’

StoryWars Classroom provides teachers with the option to have their own private Story Wars where they can invite up to 35 students to join. Stories created on this private space wont show up in Google and will be accessible to only people with the link. Teachers will also be able to track their students writing progress and highlight stories to share with them. Students can collaborate with each other to write stories to share with the rest of the class. Story Wars also works offline and has an integrated Google Classroom share button so you can easily share your work to Classroom. Give it a try and see if you like it.