4 New Interesting Google Forms Features for Teachers

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October , 2017
Here are some good Google Forms features to help you create better forms. . These are features that will help you: create default settings for your new forms, organize and reorganize the sections of your forms,  create question types that require complex forms of answers, get smart answer validations for your questions and many more.

1- Intelligent response validation

Forms will start providing you with response suggestions to questions you include in your forms. For instance, if one your questions is asking about a website, Forms will make sure the answer provided is a URL. Similarly, ‘If you ask respondents for their age, for instance, we may recommend validating that the answer they provide is a whole number.’

2- Preferences

If you are used to use the same settings for your forms, you will now be able to save these settings and add them by default to new forms you create. These settings can include things such as making questions required everytime, assigning default quiz point values, collecting email addresses and many more.

3- Checkbox grid questions

Next time you want to include a question that requires multiple forms of answers, use ‘Checkbox grid’ question type to help you with answers.

4- Section reordering

This new feature allows you to easily organize and reorganize your questions in Forms.