3 Good Websites for Math Teachers

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Here are some good websites we are adding to our math resources section. These are tools students can use to enhance their math learning. They include a wide variety of materials such as drills, games, exercises, interactive quizzes, tutorials and many more so students can boost their math skills while also having fun.

1- ST Math

‘ST Math is a standards-aligned program that creates opportunities to move away from mere digitized math drills and puts them in the mindset to think creatively. Challenging games help kids explore non-routine problems and build number sense instead of memorizing disconnected facts. ST Math starts by teaching the foundational concepts visually, then connects the ideas to the symbols and language. Over 200 visual games create a unique pathway of interconnected content challenges to provide differentiated instruction for individual students, regardless of skill level.’

2- Math Buzz

‘Use your math skills to protect the queen and collect pollen throughout 5 unique worlds. Rescue trapped bees to help you on your journey. Start the game by hitting play, then select the grade of math skill you want to practice. Afterwards read the question and then click on any block that has the correct answer.’

3- Math Snacks

‘Math Snacks isn’t a curriculum, but a series of activities you can use with the curriculum you are already using in grades 4-8. Math Snacks materials address critical content including number sense, ratio, proportion, measurement, scale factor, and pre-algebra. Some Math Snacks address more than one content area and can be used in a variety of lessons at different grade levels. Don’t think of the animations and games as “free time activities.” Each of these have been designed to be used as part of your instruction. All Math Snacks products are aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) and address the CCSSM Mathematical Practices when used as recommended.’

Source: Edshelf