Here Is A great App to Help You Plan, Assess and Analyze Learning

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September 10, 2017
Kiddom is a free iPad app that is similar to Google Classroom. It provides a collaborative learning space where teachers can plan, assess and analyze learning. It is ideal for blended learning or flipped learning classrooms. It is also integrated with Google Drive allowing you to easily create and share documents with students. To help both teachers and students stay organized, Kiddom automatically creates folders for documents and assignments shared through Google Drive.

Teachers can use Kiddom to monitor students progress using the app’s integrated gradebook. Based on generated progress reports, teachers can track students learning and assess classroom performance. Also, Kiddom ‘comes loaded with national and state standards (like Common Core). You can even add and track your own custom skills.’ Kiddom’s assessment library provides ‘a vast library of free standards-based quizzes, videos, assessments, lessons, real-world exercises, and more. Use content for differentiated instruction and assessment materials.’

Students can use Kiddom to ‘ see all of their papers, videos, quizzes, practice worksheets and more'. It also allows them access to ‘detailed achievement reports in real-time. Easily understandable graphs show what they mastered, what needs work, and what to focus on next.’